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TGA of Northern Nassau County


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About Us

After several careers devoted to educating young people and professionals, as a college professor, communications executive, business coach, journalist, and, earlier, as an elementary school teacher, I decided to combine my experiences by joining the TGA (Tennis, Golf, and Athletics) family. As a TGA owner, I’m pursuing my passion for sports with a focus on not only promoting health and fitness, but also nurturing social skills development, teamwork, and discipline that sports participation brings to academic performance in children.

I believe that sports change lives. The goal of TGA of Northern Nassau County is to promote the TGA brand philosophy of combining athletics, academics, and life lessons to provide an unforgettable after-school or camp experience for kids at an early age, as well as to promote skills development and a love of the game.

Our Tennis, Golf, and Pickleball programs provide structured fun with an age-specific curriculum for kindergarten to middle school ages and lessons that reinforce learning, explore STEAM principles through gameplay, and promote critical thinking. Our coaches are thoroughly vetted, background-checked, and trained. We provide all the equipment needed and work with our partners to accommodate their needs and schedules.

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